Nano Structures Laboratory

Welcome! We are an interdisciplinary research team in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. Our lab is also a member of the Northeastern SMART Center. At the Nanodevice Research Laboratory, we are working on technologies leveraging applied superconductivity, photonics and quantum physics for applications in sensing and computing. Our work focuses on the design, nanofabrication and measurement of hybrid nanodevices and systems. Please visit our Research and Publications pages for more details.

Our main research topics

Quantum Sensors

We develop high perfomance single-photon detectors for astronomy, biomedicine, quantum communication and computing applications.


We develop advanced nanofabrication processes and specialize in nano-scale patterning.

Integrated Superconducting Electronics

We develop novel electronic devices exploiting superconducting materials and integrate them on photonic, acoustic and electro-mechanical platforms.